Anti-Icing Coatings – The Hope for Cold Days

22. Mai 2024
Einladung / Flyer

Snow during winter is always reason of joy and happiness, but its excessive accumulation affects infrastructure, electrical services, roads, and flights, leading to severe malfunction that endangers life. Using an environmentally friendly process, we developed a coating that retards the ice formation, reduces ice adhesion, is durable, and can be applied to nearly any surface. Little by little anti-icing materials will change how we experience life in cold days.

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Aula der Technischen Universität Graz
Rechbauerstraße 12 /1.OG
8010 Graz


Forum Technik und Gesellschaft

Über die Personen

Born in Mexico, Gabriel Hernández Rodriguez graduated as a Chemical Engineer from BUAP, Mexico.
In 2015, he emigrated to Germany and earned a Master‘s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from CAU, Kiel. Since 2021, he is pursuing his doctoral degree at TU Graz as part of the “SURFICE” project, funded by the European Union. This project investigates the design and fabrication of new technologies and systems for efficient ice prevention and control in industrially relevant applications.


19:00 Uhr


Höglinger Andrea

Vortrag: Gabriel HERNÁNDEZ RODRÍGUEZ, M.Sc. Ing.; Doktorand am Institut für Festkörperphysik der TU Graz (Vortrag in Englisch)