An Austrian, a Canadian and a Belgian walk into a Bar.

2. März 2017
Einladung / Flyer

Peter Platzer, CEO of Spire, will speak about what it takes to start a space company. Spire‘s growth, not just in Silicon Valley but also in Europe and Asia has offered both opportunities and trials. There is a large difference in startup environments between the US (Silicon Valley), Europe (in general), and Austria. He will explore those differences as well as how Spire has taken on the challenge of solving global problems like incorrect weather predictions and climate science.


HS i2
Inffeldgasse 12, EG
8010 Graz


Forum Technik und Gesellschaft

Über die Personen

Dipl. Ing. in Physics (Technical University of Vienna), MBA Finance & Management (Harvard Business School), MSc in Space Studies (International Space University), 1992-1997 Scientific Assistant at CERN, Founder of TRIBAR, 1997-2000 The Boston Consulting Group, since 2002 experiences in USA: Schell Systems LLC, The Rohatyn Group, Deutsche Bank Equity Prop Trading, Vegasoulcapital LLC, NASA Ames Research Center, since 2012 Spire Inc (CEO and co-founder).


19:00 Uhr


Kainz Harald
Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.

Vortrag: Peter Platzer , Dipl.-Ing. MBA MSc, CEO Spire Global UK Limited